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Saturday, February 24th, 2001
11:44 am - hmmmm....
Well, I haven't written in this thing for a long time! Almost a month! Oh well, I've been busy. My life has been hectic this month, and I'm hoping next will be a lot better. Last night, my boyfriend came over and spent the night. I mis-understood my dad, and thought that he said it would be okay. All he agreed to was letting him come over to watch movies and stuff...I guess. So this morning, he started beating on my door telling me to get up, and that my boyfriend needed to leave because "we needed to talk." It got really ugly, and we have been fighting all day. Not over the fact that my boy was over, over everything. My father is like this vicious cycle. He hears something, agrees to TRY to change it, works on it for a couple weeks, then it's right back to his old ways...and a new arguement! He likes to argue, and I'm so flippin stubborn that we get no where. It's a mess half the time. Anyway, now that I'm done venting, I need to get my ass in gear and get going on some Community Service Work that has to be done by March 24th! I've also got a scholarship deadline of the 1st of March...when am I supposed to do that!?!

current mood: pissed off

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Thursday, February 1st, 2001
10:01 pm - I'm pooped
Today was one long day. I had to go to school from 7:15-11:40 and work from 1:00-8:30. It makes for one damn long day. It just feels good to sit back and put my feet up for once. My social life has sucked lately. Other than hanging out with Mina (my best friend) I haven't really done anything. I haven't seen my boyfriend in like a week and half...it sux. Tomorrow I'll get to see him. God, I've been so horny lately..lol. It's about a 7 today...lol. Well, I have a damn Gig paper to write for my Criminal Justice class tomorrow on "Juvenile Offenders" so I better get to typing it out. Nite!

current mood: horny

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Sunday, January 28th, 2001
10:04 pm - Still snowing
So, today was alright. I spent the night at my friends house last night, and then watched the superbowl at my grandparents. (It was my gramps b-day) Anyway, I didn't do a whole lot of anything this weekend, and it felt damn good. I'm going to have to start working 1-9:30 and it's going to suck. Maybe I should start looking for a different job, but I like mine. <Keeping his fingers crossed that we won't have skewl tomorrow)

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, January 27th, 2001
1:54 pm - How much will we get?!
Well, it's snowing pretty good. The weatherman says we'll get "in excess of 6 inches" whatever that means....probably another blizzard. I just want to know why these damn things don't hit on school days! :-) I just woke up (I know, 13 hours of sleep!) but I feel great. I'm bored stuck here at home now. I hate living in BFE! Well, I think I'm going to go build a fire and curl up with a book.

current mood: awake

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Friday, January 26th, 2001
11:44 pm - Tired...
Today was really uneventful. I had to work from 1-6 and was extreemly tired by the end of the night. I chilled at a friends house all night, and just got home. It's snowing, but I hope we don't get too much. Other than that, I'm really tired, so I'm off to bed!

current mood: tired

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Thursday, January 25th, 2001
7:25 pm - We will see how this goes..
This is going to be my first online entry in a journal. I'm not sure if I'm too fond of this idea yet, where anyone can read my thoughts...including the people I write about, but we'll see how it goes. I think it's fun to read others journal entries on here, so why not me? It will be my goal to write in here once a day...We all know how many of my goals I've accomplished though. Anyway, I'm supposed to be tryping a paper for my criminal justice class, so I'll get outta here for now.

current mood: bored

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